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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  August 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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[ted]quality top tier gas helps keep engines clean.hmm... [robot]i have helped keep your engine clean. [ted]i will call you donnie! [woman}who's donnie? [announcer]arco.quality top tier gas for less. police shoot and kill a man they say was attacking them with a knife. what we are learning tonight. >> and the infant daughter of a valley police officer rushed to the hospital with a serious condition. how some in the community are rallying around that family. >> plus, intense video of a garage fire in glendale as crews
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rioting erupts in milwaukee, wisconsin. in the past few hours following an officer involved shooting there are reports that crowds gathered after police shot an armed suspect during a foot chase. it's not clear if that suspect pointed a gun at officers. violence erupted after a standoff between police and dozens of demonstrators. the protest iters allegedly -- protesters lit fires and smashed windows and police are hearing gunshots. according to police, one officer was hit in the head with a brick. we will keep you updated as we learn more. thanks for joining us tonight on "fox 10 news" at 10:00, we begin here locally with a police-involved shooting here in the val y. officer -- valley. officers shoot shoot and kill a man that came with them with a knife. >> now police believe this man was involved in an earlier homicide. danielle miller joins us live with the details.
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this man was involved with what happened last night around 8:30 after this police were led to the suspect's home. they found him inside and they say he showed a knife and cut a police officer. this is when that officer shot and killed him. >> phoenix police responding to a shooting last night around 8:30 near 75th drive and camelback. they arrived they found 48-year-old martin lopez mesa lying in the driveway of his home with several gunshot wounds. he was transported to the hospital where he later >> as the officers are on the scene and gathering this information, they are able to find out that suspect in this investigation is actually known to the vick ittime and the victim's family. >> police tracked down that suspect, 38-year-old rubben strand to his home. police obtained a search warrant and when inside. >> we got to the bedroom. they took their time in the bedroom. they are announcing who they are and they are there. the suspect chose to come out of
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officer. >> police say the officer who is 35 years old and has served on the department for 14 years was cut on his hand by strand after this he shot strand. >> suspect has been pronounced deceased here at the apartment complex. >> the officer suffered injuries to his hand and taken to the hospital for stitches. he was released and is expected to be okay. reporting live, danielle miller, "fox 10 news." a different deadly involved shooting unfolding in mesa. >> mesa police say officers were attempting to contact a homicide suspect when that shooting happened. >> this happened near country club and mckellips last night. the suspect was wanted in connection with the shootig death of a 55-year-old person on thursday. officers say when they caught up to that suspect he was driving a car through a neighborhood. police say the suspect sped up, trying to get away. >> but officers cornered that
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three officers fired their weapon shooting and killing that man. there was one other person in the car. they were taken in for questioning. the name of the suspect has not been released. >> maricopa county sheriff's office s.w.a.t. team involved in a standoff today. this is near chrisman and university in mesa. according to deputies, the man inside had a gun and had shot at his girlfriend. but they say she made it out of the home safely. the s.w.a.t. team used tear to get into the home. they shot the suspect with a rubber round and took him into custody. one sheriff's canine was attacked by other dogs in the home. deputies say they had to kill one of those dogs in order to save their canine. their canine was rushed to the vet for multiple bites and cuts but is expected to be okay. a chino valley officer is needing help from his community that he sworn to protect.
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hospital where doctors discovered her intestines and stomach had somehow inverted. tonight gabrielle's family asking for help with medical expenses. >> marcy jones joins us live from phoenix children's hospital. >> it's been a heart wrenching past couple of days for the chino valley police officer and his family. we only spoke to him very briefly because we didn't want to keep him away from his baby girl who was inside pch right now trying to fight f life. he says all they can really ask for right now is everybody's thoughts and prayers. now this is what steven farmer said all happened. about 10:00 a.m. on thursday morning they thought that their one-year-old daughter gabrielle had the flu but then they noticed blood in her diaper so they immediately took her to the er in prescott valley. that's when doctors discovered her intestines and stomach had inverted. she was then lifelined to pch where she remains in critical
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it together but he needs to be strong for gabrielle, their other four-year-old daughter and his wife and he is just so grateful for everybody in the community who has already come together to help out their family. >> i'm very surprised. i didn't expect anything like this. my co-workers helped me out a lot with this i had nothing to do with it. i keep seeing this and it's amazing. i didn't expect any help. it's amazing that people that don't even know and do know that are willing and help you outs in just hurts my heart to say this but little gabrielle is in a lot of pain right now. she is swelling pretty badly. they trying not to give her any more operations right now so they just put a pick line in and hopefully the medicine can get to her and put her in a more comfortable state. as he said earlier, he just is asking anybody for their thoughts and prayers a few of his friends did set up a go fund
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to tear cause to cover those medical expenses. we will put that up on our page, reporting live, marcy jones, "fox 10 news." thank you so much. caught on camera, take a look at this this is absolutely incredible. this is a home that as you can see went up in flames. this happening in glendale. the owner of the home told us he was working on his car in his garage and taking place near 75th and glendale and that car suddenly somehow caught fire. the owner ran to and get everyone including his pets out of the house. when he returned to the garage that fire had spread to the second story causing as you can see some extensive damage to that home. but we are happy to report no one was hurt including none of the pets. a developing story as maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio refuses to accept responsibility for the failed animal cruelty case against the
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flake. this is all connected to the gilbert 23. you may recall the death of those 23 dogs. the deposition involved in that case was released this week. deposition involving the sheriff. austin flake had filed a lawsuit accusing the sheriff of trumping up animal cruelty charges against him. flake and his then wife were watching the dogs at a gilbert boarding home while flake's were out of town. now charges against the flakes were dropped. copies of the deposition were made public this week. donald trump is calling on his supporters to do something for him on election day. what it is and why he says this election may be rigged.
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political protesting going on some political protests going on at the democratic headquarters in phoenix. people upset that hillary clinton is president. this all taking place today near central avenue and thomas. about 25 people out chanting and waiving signs urging others not to vote for hillary clinton. people at the protest today say they are not there to support trump or any other candidate. there is only there to simply protest clinton and her track record. >> meanwhile hillary clinton releases her 2015 tax return urging rival donald trump to do the same.
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on taxes and nearly another 10% donated to charities. trump says he is not releasing his returns because of an irs audit. but democratic vice-presidential nominee tim kaine says that doesn't matter. >> every president since richard nixon and including richard nixon -- now he was not known for the most elevated ethical standards, but i will say that even tax returns to the public when running for president. >> meanwhile, donald trump calling on his supporters to volunteer their time at the polls this november. he says those elections will be rigged and it's up to them to keep an eye on what's going on. well, still to come here this evening, it's a little breezy out there and warm. but there are big changes in the forecast, a big warm up and the possibility of rain.
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good saturday evening. current conditions outside currently 94 degrees. you might hear it outside. it's a little breezy out there winds at 16 miles per hour coming out of the southeast. these are the temperatures around the valley currently. 94 in sky harbor. 97 in goodyear. 93 in buckeye. deer valley at 94. cave creek currently at 92 and take a look at these temperatures. comfortable in flagstaff. 57 for your temperature right now. 81 in sedona.
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prescott. taking a look at the satellite and radar. we have did see a little bit of moisture mainly on the eastern side of our state. we were tracking a little storm that was just moving its way north of black canyon city. for the most part all of those storms have started to move their way south and not really a factor for the overnight hours. take a look, we got up to a high today of 108. our normal is 105. just a few degrees where we should be and our record was set back i want to show you cool photos. this is from rene and the sunset this evening. gorgeous as that sun setting over the mountains there making reflection there on the water. gorgeous shot this is from karina, she sent this in from hayden out there in gila county. they saw some dark ominous clouds maybe a few rain drops as well. appreciate that picture and then this absolutely gorgeous from shannon and out at the superstition mountains taking
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with the stars over the superstition mountains. absolutely gorgeous. appreciate you guys for sending in those amazing photos. talking about tomorrow. what we can expect another warm day in the state of arizona. we are talking 105 in phoenix as well as casa grande. tucson 101. up north in the bad. flagstaff 82. 93 in sedona. payson at 88 and show low at 84. we will start to see the 80s in the forecast. some warm it temperatures in bullhead city as wells yuma at 114 for their projengted high for tomorrow. an overnight low tonight. 3 degrees. then tomorrow warming up projected high of 105. when you start your morning overaround 85 degrees at noon. 98 and then 5:00 p.m. close to the heat of the day but we have that warming trend. we get into the beginning of your workweek, 106. 107 on wednesday. but then 104 and the possibility of seeing some rain, a slight
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national weather service but we were talking about it earlier, we will take it. >> we will absolutely take it. i believe i'm going to have to google it, but i think we are just now beginning the dog days of summer. >> it feels like it. >> for some reason it makes me feel better if we have a name to it. dog days of summer. i think we are getting it. >> even if it's not quite there yet, it feels it. >> or have dawn double today. >> that's probably it. thinking the double isawaying. >> could you be seeing driverless cars on valley roads? we will take you to an event held by google today here in the
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space-x is gearing up to space x gearing up to launch a falcon 9 rocket early tomorrow morning, but it's doing more
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space. we are looking at a past space x launch here. the latest rocket has a commercial communications satellite and it's taking off from florida. it's going to launch at 40:00 tomorrow morning arizona time. but the countdown will start about 15 minutes earlier. experts say it will release the satellite into orbit at about 22,000 miles above the equator. well, if you live in the chandler area you might have seen t little unusual. some self-driving cars from google. google chose chandler to be one of their testing spots. they say it's a good place to begin. there are good road conditions, weather and chandler has a great reputation with tech firms. google officials say these self-driving cars aren't something to be afraid of on the contrary. they are made to keep people on the roads safer. >> self-driving cars, they don't
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driving. they don't get drunk. they don't get tired or angry so the benefit is just really huge not just for those who can't drive, but really for all of us. >> i think this is cool. >> i love the idea. >> they also say they could help the elterly -- elderly, those with an impairment or health issues get around. >> i know you curious about the cardinals this season and certainly when it comes to running back depth, andre ellington make a statement last night. we look at the veteran running back number 38 football on the way in just a couple of
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tomorrow night on sportsnight well, tomorrow night on sports night, shameless self-promotion, sunday fight i asked -- who i know you remember when he was a running back with the cardinals and now the running back coach, i asked him
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don't miss it. but speaking of ellington, he had a really, really good night last night. he is a guy that not that long ago was a starting running back. last night's game against the raiders how about this? a nice 34-yard run looking like the andre of old. explosive a guy that can change directions and, yes, he plowed through and broke the plane of the goal line for a touchdown. doesn't have to worry about carrying the running back load at this stage of his career. he i very strong impression. andre ellington says all three guys get along. it's about winning football games first. >> we high expectations for each other. friendly battle but we push each other because we all talented and we can bring the talent out of each and every one of us it's scary. >> and bruce arians and steve kime in attendance with the
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up against the gladiators of cleveland. first team selection, and rod windsor. easy touchdown pass here. 20-7 arizona. the rattlers in the quest of their sixth championship. remarkable run for the franchise. how about this for a turn for a touchdown by jeremy kelam. the rattlers were dominant tonight over cleveland. they will face the winner the jacksonville and philadelphia. that's tomorrow. the winner will play in the wide open. maurice purify touchdown. make that 34-14. davla just lighting it up. rattler fans going crazy. wants another championship belt and it'sgling in your favor -- it's going in your favor. 82-41. you heard me right. on their way to the arena bowl and face the winner of jacksonville and philadelphia. archie bradley taking on the red sox. and it's d-backs team just been
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mostly down for sure. off that monster and the green monster out there in left field. brock holt ties the game at three. d-backs were up 2-0 at that point and then bradley gives it up to mookie bets. here comes boston. beginning here, bradley 5 1/3, seven hits, gave up six runs. a two-run shot and it's 6-3. then brad zigger dea boston -- zig leer who was dealt to boston. he is with a team with a great tradition there strikes out rickie weeks, strikes out yasmany tomas and strikes out all three d-backs batters and that included chris owings. 6-3 the time. the red sotion sox over the d-backs we will talk cardinals and sun devils and keep moving in the football direction here.
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football direction. >> and the baseball direction
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ry: i was having a bad day earlier. let me ask you a question. is it a bad sign when you wake up in the morning contemplating suicide... and your horoscope tells you your new idea is solid? [ laughter ] tomlinson: we went to comedy clubs across america and picked the 10 best stand-up comics on the circuit. and now, we're bring them to you. this is "laughs." welcome to "laughs." i'm your host, taylor tomlinson, so, let's stop talking and just get to it. desamito: i love going to the movies. anybody else like movies? [ cheers and applause ] i love going tot he movies, but i always see this when i go. i always see two straight guys, two buddies go see a movie together, but they always sit, like one seat away from each other. yeah. and i'm always like, "really? are you that insecure that you can't sit next to your buddy?"


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